Chapter 2 of ‘Little Ghost’ Posted!

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Chapter 2 of Little Ghost is finished and off to be edited!

I’m out of the hospital and home now. Still not out of the dark yet, but at least I’m home! And boy, does it feel good! Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Currently in the hospital. All is good. Writing is on hold for a bit. :( I’ll be okay!

Chillin’ at the marina and touring NY harbor. Relaxed and creating like crazy! Write, write, write!

Cover for ‘Little Ghost’!

Graciously drawn for me by just-themys! It’s a little different from my usual covers but I wanted to keep the artwork as much untouched by font as I could! I really like it!

'Little Ghost' Chapter 1 Posted!

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First Chapter of ‘Little Ghost’ Is Finished and Off To Be Edited!

Excerpt from ‘Little Ghost’- New RusPrus Fic!

New RusPrus and GerIta Mini-Fic! Coming Soon!

Title: Little Ghost

Pairing: RusPrus (main), GerIta (minor)

Rating: M

Status: Ongoing. Coming Soon.

Summary: When a mysterious package arrives at Ludwig’s door he finds himself laden with the ghost of a murdered man named Gilbert who is searching the afterlife for his lost lover, Ivan. Ludwig must piece together clues to help both Gilbert and Ivan recover their memories and find each other to bring peace to their restless souls. But the murderer is still on the loose, and someone very close to Ludwig may be in danger, for the cycle of violence repeats. Can Ludwig find the murderer and save everyone involved? With the help his friend Alfred, a detective, and Arthur, a psychic, Ludwig may just have a chance.


Fanfiction News

I’m mulling over something. Perhaps ‘Utopia’ was my LAST super long multi-chapter fic but there’s nothing saying I can’t do a few chapters like I did for ‘Iron and Lace’.

These one-shots just don’t DO IT for me! I CAN’T DO IT! 

So, I’m mulling over an old, old, OLD idea that WAS going to be the original idea for ‘Utopia’, long ago while writing ‘White Crimson’ and ‘Snap Judgment’.

I’ve gotten far on my original writing so I can bounce back and forth. But like I said, I’m mulling over it. It would have to be multi-pairings too. 

More to come over the weekend.



Do we all agree that thinking about your ship being domestic is hnnnnnng? Ok. And I want to do an askbox meme. But I don’t like all the questions from the two usual domesticity memes. SO I compiled both, reorganized the questions, took away repeats, tweaked some of them, and added more questions that I thought of, and you should feel free to reblog or message me with more questions to add to the list, and then also ask me ships with a question’s number and we can all drown in domestic feelings.
Because domesticity, is why.

  1. how did they first kiss?
  2. who flirts more?
  3. how did the relationship start?
  4. how did they start living together? do they move? how do they choose the place?
  5. do they have roommates?
  6. do they get married (or equivalent)?
  7. do they have kids?
  8. do they have pets?
  9. do they act different in public and at home?
  10. big spoon/little spoon?
  11. sleeping habits?
  12. favorite non-sexual activity?
  13. favorite sexual activity?
  14. how often do they have sex?
  15. what habits of the other drives them crazy?
  16. how often do they fight?
  17. most trivial thing they fight over?
  18. who uses all the hot water?
  19. who does most of the cleaning?
  20. what do they watch on tv and do they fight for the remote?
  21. who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working?
  22. who answers the phone?
  23. who steals the blankets?
  24. who remembers things?
  25. who does the groceries?
  26. who cooks normally?
  27. who leaves their stuff lying everywhere?
  28. what kind of stuff can be found around their place?
  29. what do their cupboards or shelves look like?
  30. what does their closet(s) look like?
  31. what do they do when they’re away from each other?
  32. do they have nicknames or pet names for each other?
  33. how do they refer to the other in public? how do other people refer to the other? (i.e. “my partner”, “ask your father”, ”dad and papa”, ”how’s your wife?”, etc)
  34. who is more likely to pay for dinner?
  35. how often do they go on dates?
  36. typical date night? out or at home?
  37. do they celebrate birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversaries?
  38. what would they get each other for gifts?
  39. how do they spend christmas and new year’s (or equivalent family gatherings)?
  40. who cusses more?
  41. what would they do if the other one was hurt?
  42. what are little gestures they do for each other?
  43. do they know how the other takes their coffee/tea?
  44. do they feel they see each other enough, or do they have activities that take too much of their time?
  45. do they friend/follow each other on facebook/tumblr/livejournal/skype/etc?
  46. (added) morning routine?
  47. how do they make up after a fight?

(via question-meme)

I begin creating.

I begin creating.

Fanfiction News

Now that Utopia is finished I’m going to be taking a little break from writing Hetalia fanfiction. I still have some one-shots I’m dabbling with but I’m not going to force anything right now. I’m going to let everything flow naturally. Plus, I’m really going to start focusing on my original work. I may even post some of it here or start an original fiction tumblr. Not sure yet. 

Epilogue for Utopia Posted!

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Fanfiction News

The Epilogue is finished and off to be edited! Go me!