Anonymous asked: Does non-abusive RuPru conflict with historical accuracy? RuPru is my OTP and I don't like to think about them as a abusive relationship but everytime I read AU or all-fluff RuPru I feel like I am trying to turn blind before their dark of history. I am also lost because history is often seen from a certain point of view, whether this is truth or propaganda?

In my opinion, no, it does NOT conflict with historical accuracy. My argument for this is simple: these are FICTIONAL ANIME CHARACTERS and do NOT actually represent the countries they are personified as as a whole. They were created by one person. In other words, they are characters that, yes, do ‘technically’ share history but they are still INDIVIDUALS. The creator has them AS individuals. You could say that the characters Russia and Prussia are ‘transformed’ (as an example) to represent what is currently happening IN their countries at the time. That is a logical theory. If that’s the case, then once things are over and at piece, they move on. That’s what countries do. They MOVE ON from their history. Yes, it’s still there, but it doesn’t have to be REPEATED and it can ALWAYS get better. We LEARN from the PAST. In Hetalia itself, the creator moves AWAY from the horrible parts of history himself. 

Anyone looking too far into such a thing (historical accuracy for something that is a joke), that’s just their opinion. So to like fluffy RusPrus is not wrong. You are not turning a blind eye to history. You are enjoying TWO CHARACTERS. That’s what they are. CHARACTERS. CARTOONS. ANIME. FICTION. They are NOT recognized by the world as ‘Authentic Representations’. I think these types of arguments and debates tumblr has is the same as shooting games. Just because someone plays shooting games doesn’t mean they will turn into mass killers. Just because two countries ‘fought’ so many years ago doesn’t mean they fight NOW.

So you can go on liking fluffy RusPrus until your heart’s content. ^_^


Anonymous asked: Ok is it just me or are all rusprus shippers friends? Timyln mentioned you and just-themys in the notes of the fic. It's like a knights of the round table but with rusprus

We RusPrus shippers like to stay together! :) I’m still alone in some Hetalia pairings, though.


cosmiccatlows asked: THE PLOT THICKENS


Anonymous asked: It is not obligation. Your fanfics are just to intriguing for readers to escape.

Thank you. 


Anonymous asked: Random question, but what font, color, and size do you use when writing?

I use either Kefa, Cambria, or Calibri. I use size 10 font with 0.5 margins and no auto-spacing. I don’t usually use color font but I do use colored background to go with the mood the chapter or story.


Anonymous asked: I am jealous of your diligence and work capacity. I mean this in a good way, dear. Can you tell a bit about how you organize yourself and your writting? Do you write it on paper first? I know I am being annoying but i would love a peek on your before writing processes, the choices and that. Not character wise or that... But more on plot wise and organization and structure that allows you to write so much! Thank you be answering.

This is way to much to put in an ask since most of my notes are scribbled on paper in a notebook- for when I do my heavy planning. But in short, here are the steps I go through when planning a story (fanfiction) (It really stinks that you cannot indent in Tumblr asks! >_< So just bear with me):

  1. Pairing/Setting/Theme/Genre
  2. Beginning/Middle/End
  3. Plot Building: Who, What, When, Where, How
  4. Who: List of characters, their bios, stats, backstories (write one for each character)
  5. What: What is the issue? What are they trying to do? What are they trying to solve? What is their purpose? What will they do to achieve what they need? (Answer each question with bullets)
  6. When: When does it take place? Past? Present? Future? AU? (Answer with details about the location (fertile, flower, aqua world, etc)
  7. Where: Where is the location? Fantasy world? Modern world? Futuristic world? (Answer with details.)
  8. Beginning: Opening scene. Introduction of characters. Details about world, issues, problems.
  9. Middle: Climax- what is the turning point in the story
  10. End: How does it end? Happy ending? Tragic? Sad? Open-ended? (Answer and add details)

You don’t want to get to ‘How’ until you have the beginning, middle and end plotted out. 

So that’s the basic outline I usually use when I begin plotting a story. All the details come flowing in once the main points are set. You have to know where you want to go in a story before you can think of the situations that lead up to it. Like I said before, my head is always swarming with ideas. It’s hard to shut my mind off, and that’s what really helps me when writing.

And keep in mind that you dont’ always have to stick just with the first outline. Sometimes more ideas come along in the process, and you go back to the outline and change what you need to. My notebook is a ink mess of words, x’s and scribbles. XD

I hope that helped you?


Anonymous asked: Can I ask you a question? How do you chose what stories to write and will keep you motivated to finish them? I have many ideas but never finish them or feel confidence enough to write it down...

It’s just in my nature to complete everything I work on, be it story or project. I mentally map out the story idea first. I give it a beginning, a climax, and an ending. Once you have those three points, it’s easy to start filling in the rest. My mind is also on constant overdrive where it is ALWAYS thinking. I pick up stories everywhere: when I’m out with friends, or shopping, at a restaurant, or simply taking a stroll, I’m always watching for and listening to the things happening around me. It also helps to be a good reader. The more you read the easier it is to learn from authors. You learn ideas, styles, plots, etc. But you should always, ALWAYS write down your ideas no matter what. You never know when an idea will spark! Keep a little notepad on you, or a notepad app on your phone/kindle/tablet etc. That’s what I do. ^_^ Good luck and keep on trying! 


I pray for the day when I get a person who says, “I’m just not interested in reading it” when it comes to my fics. I respect that much more than little excuses. It’s so annoying. No one should feel obligated to read. I see this all over the place.

I respect and honor all of those who fully enjoy what I write and who do it with honesty. Thank you.

Chapter 3 of Little Ghost Posted!

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cosmiccatlows asked: Your fic Little Ghost is really good and I hope you keep it up!

Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! The next chapter will be up shortly!

Chapter 3 of Little Ghost Is Finished And Off To Be Edited!

Excerpt from Chapter 3 of Little Ghost

Excerpt from Chapter 3 of ‘Little Ghost’ coming soon!

Hopefully today after I do some chores! With any luck, I can have the chapter finished by the weekend!

Chapter 2 of ‘Little Ghost’ Posted!

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Chapter 2 of Little Ghost is finished and off to be edited!

I’m out of the hospital and home now. Still not out of the dark yet, but at least I’m home! And boy, does it feel good! Thanks for the well wishes everyone!