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  • The Language of Flowers has done VERY WELL. It hasn’t reached the high numbers of ‘Love Was Never A Problem' (Which I started writing a mini sequel to) or 'Knight In White Satin’, but it’s climbing close! That was the quickest one-shot I’ve done so far!
  • Once the work week is over (Friday) I will begin working on the next chapter of Utopia, do more garden research, and watch ‘Misery’ from under the sofa blanket. And as a writer, I think I have problems! Right? Movie goers? Get it? har har har! I’ll shut up now. 
  • In the next chapter of ‘Utopia' there will be more of Ivan, Alfred, and Sadiq. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten them! I haven't decided if Arthur is going to make an appearance in this chapter or the next one. 
  • When I write Sadiq’s character I always imagine him as Errol Flynn’s version of Robin Hood in ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ (1939) And for some reason I refer to Arthur’s hair color insults as ‘butter head’. I’ve done it multiple times in fics centered around him. I just noticed this.
  • I need to write a germancest one-shot. I can’t leave the fanfiction world of Hetalia after ‘Utopia' without a one-shot for the German brothers. I've done one-shots for all my other OTP pairings, so I can't leave germancest high and dry before I go! Only hope I can come up with something for them. They are, after all, my all-time OTP in the Hetalia fandom! And I have to finish 'Warprize' too. There's only ONE MORE CHAPTER to that! Work, Kate! Work! 


Anonymous asked: what inspires you?/ your favourite hetalia otp to write about?/ any other favourite pass-time?

1: What inspires you?

I have a lot that inspires me. Music, reading, friends, daily life- sometimes just relaxing and thinking in a soothing environment. I think a lot

2: What’s your favorite hetalia otp to write about?

This one is tricky. My otp is Germancest but I enjoy the other dynamics of pairings like RusAme and RusEng. I really, REALLY enjoy writing RusEng even if it isn’t my OTP and a minor pairing that I like. 

3: Any other favorite pass-times?

When I get a chance to take a break I simply LOUNGE and watch mindless tv. I like to read, walk, go shopping (love shopping!) and do movie marathons. I also like to squeeze in some naps. Naps are good.

Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.

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RussiaxEngland One-Shot Posted!

Follow the link to read the story! Thanks for reading!

Read: The Language of Flowers




polyamory exists it’s not cheating on people it’s a consent to multiple people in a relationship thank u

With ‘consent’ being the key word.
You are not polyamorous if any party isn’t aware that there are more involved; you are just an asshole.

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livebreathart4life replied to your post: Coming Soon! RussiaxEngland One-Shot!

Oh god please let this have a happy ending. I’m still scarred from your last RusPrus one-shot….


Coming Soon! RussiaxEngland One-Shot!

Title: The Language of Flowers

Rating: M

Pairing: RusEng

Setting: AU Europe

Summary: Ivan is a slave who tends to the gardens of the Bonnefoy family castle. Arthur, a young bastard lord, is always in the shadows of his half brothers: Francis, Alfred, and Matthew. In love with Arthur, Ivan tries to show the unappreciated least favorite son how special and important he is through the meaning of flowers. A slave is not allowed to be seen speaking to a master, especially in a romantic way. Each day, Ivan lays out a flower for Arthur to find with each one ‘speaking’ about his feelings for the hot tempered beauty. Ivan wants nothing more than for Arthur to be happy, and to love him back. Through the ‘language of flowers’, will Ivan be able to tame the troubled young lord and show him that he is more than what others think of him? 


Anonymous asked: Hi~ I love your stories and your blog is great ^ )^ just wanted to say.

Aww, thank you very much! <3 


Anonymous asked: 10,11,&14

10: Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?

I like almost anything AU, fantasy, and historical. Love adventure, romance, drama, dark themes, and medieval. Scenarios I love are Person A and Person B are opposites but fall in love. Political/Moral/Religious views between two people or groups. There has to always be some sort of danger or issue that needs solving, and it has to be something big.

11: Least favorite trope/element/scenario?

Anything modern or sci-fi. No high school, no prom night, no summer vacation, no beach, no shopping mall, none of that stuff. 

14: What tropes/elements/scenarios get you the worst?

Anything with a good character death or something horrible happening to an animal(s). 

Fanfic Asks!



1. Do you read fic? Do you write fic?

2. Favorite genre of fic?

3. Favorite fandom?

4. Favorite pairing?

5. Favorite fic author?

6. Favorite fic (or one of them)?

7. One-shots or longfic?

8. Do you read WIPs?

9. What is the longest fic you’ve read?

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?

11. Least favorite trope/element/scenario?

12. What turns you away the most from a fic?


13. Has a fic ever made you cry?

14. What tropes/elements/scenarios get you the worst?

15. Do you mind when characters cry?

16. How do you feel about character death in fic?

17. Any characters who you can’t stand to see in pain?

18. Favorite angst fic?


19. Do you read porn or does it make you uncomfortable?

20. Do you like PWPs?

21. How and when did you get introduced to smut fic? Any horror stories?

22. Biggest turn-ons in fic?

23. Biggest turn-offs in fic?

24. Do you have any dirty kinks that you’re ashamed of?

25. Any kinks that you’d love to try in real life?

26. Any kinks that you don’t want to try in real life (but are still hot in a fanfic)?

27. Rough sex or gentle sex?

28. How do you feel about masturbation in fic?

29. How do you feel about non-con and dub-con?

30. Favorite porn fic?


31. Do you read AUs?

32. Favorite AU tropes?

33. Least favorite AU tropes?

34. Do you like UAs (universe-alterations, when the main universe and characters are the same but one plot point/decision/outcome is altered)?

35. Do you like high school and college AUs?

36. Do you like crossovers? If so, favorite crossover?

37. How do you feel about parent!fics/lovechildren? How about mpreg?

38. How do you feel about genderbending? De-aging? Animalizing?

39. Favorite AU fic?


40. Do you like fluff?

41. Favorite fluffy tropes?

42. Least favorite fluffy tropes?

43. Do you like fluff on its own or in conjunction with other elements (angst, sex, etc.)

44. How fluffy is too fluffy?

45. Favorite fluff fic?

This is my night. Berserk movie marathon and glowing blue liquor. I&#8217;m scared to watch the third one&#8230;.the first time I watched the old version I was depressed for days&#8230;

This is my night. Berserk movie marathon and glowing blue liquor. I’m scared to watch the third one….the first time I watched the old version I was depressed for days…

Chapter 19 of Utopia Posted!

Follow the link to read the chapter! Thanks for reading!

Read Chapter 19

Can also be read on and Archive of Our Own



livebreathart4life asked: That was helpful. :) But I was talking more about the main title for your whole story. Unless that's what you were talking about then my bad!

Oh, in your last ask you said you only had a title for your first chapter, so i assumed you meant that you wanted each chapter to have a title. Sorry. 

To be honest, I usually use a ‘title generator’ on the internet, beg a friend to help me, or the most creative way, title it as your story climax would happen. In most of my fics, my title always ends up being mentioned in the story somewhere. 

Hope that helps????

The next chapter of Utopia is finished and off to be edited!