livebreathart4life asked: That was helpful. :) But I was talking more about the main title for your whole story. Unless that's what you were talking about then my bad!

Oh, in your last ask you said you only had a title for your first chapter, so i assumed you meant that you wanted each chapter to have a title. Sorry. 

To be honest, I usually use a ‘title generator’ on the internet, beg a friend to help me, or the most creative way, title it as your story climax would happen. In most of my fics, my title always ends up being mentioned in the story somewhere. 

Hope that helps????

The next chapter of Utopia is finished and off to be edited!


livebreathart4life asked: Do you have any tips on picking a title for your story? Because I'm currently working on my first multi-chapter fic but so far I have only came up with the first chapter's title.

Chapter titles are very hard. I don’t do it often. The easiest tip I can give you is try to find a common reoccurring theme in your fic and use that to help your titles. Like for Utopia, I made sure to stick with dark themes if I could. ‘Dark Days’ ‘Blood and Screams’, etc. 

Sometimes you can just go by chapter depending on what happens in the chapter. 

I hope that helps?

Fanfiction News

I’m stuck. 

In the next chapter of ‘Utopia’ I am stuck on one part. I have a few ways it can go but I’m having trouble making those ideas work. 

Luckily I have a short work this so that will help!

What A Beautiful Day!

Ah, sitting outside with my laptop by the pond and garden! Warm sun on my face, fresh clean air (little bit too much wind) but I’ll take it over the cold anytime! Writing and creating outdoors is truly splendid. I recommend it to everyone who creates! 


an-siog-olc asked: I started reading 'Tempus Vernum' yesterday and I stayed up all night to keep reading it! D: It is really well written and super exciting and I can't believe it doesn't have more hits because it is amazing. It's one of the best fics I've ever read. Your imagination is amazing and I love the descriptions in the story. It's really outstanding. I wish there was loads of fanart!

Awww thank you very much! Hope you weren’t too tired by morning! XD I really appreciate the kind words. A lot of times my fics aren’t generally what the Hetalia fandom is used to so I tend to get less hits than other fics. I’m above average, though, according to my stats, so that’s more than enough for me! I’m just happy to be writing and it does my heart good when I get sweet responses like this! Thanks again! <3


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Pixiv ID: 32398670
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Anonymous asked: can i just tell you how much i love your story "Fallen Embers" I know that "Storm of Sunflowers" have more faves and review but Fallen Embers have a better plot and a more likeable love story. I can see how much you've improved as a writer. Love love love your works :D

Thank you very much! ^^ Glad you’re enjoying my works! 

Normally I defend the love story plot in ‘Storm of Sunflowers’ but I’ve defended it enough in my years of Hetalia fic writing so I’m going to just let it go. 

Busy, Busy Week!

So I’m JUST starting on the next chapter of ‘Utopia’ now. I’ve been fairly busy all week- I’m planning and hosting my sister’s baby shower on Sunday, so I’ve been busy with that- and also work- and preparing the yard and garden for spring. 

Tumblr Ate An Ask!

To the anon who sent me an ask in my inbox asking ‘What are you fav. girl/girl pairings-

I did answer your ask, but when I posted it, apparently it never appeared. I apologize for the internet eating your ask.


emptycolddreams asked: I've been reading a bit of your work. I really believe you improved quite a bit, your stricture is more defined and secure. At Least is was I feel. I do apologise greatly for the comment I've made. I've grown up as a reader, I hope so, and just wanted to tell you to keep following your heart and writing what you love even if it doesn't is understood or enjoyed by some. I hope with heart that you keep writing for our hetalia fandom even being busy and working on original work. -hugs-

Thank you very much! 

As far as writing for Hetalia, ‘Utopia’ is actually my last fanfiction for the fandom. I may write some one-shots from time to time for fun, but there will be no more chapter fics. I’ve been writing Hetalia fanfiction for three years. I will still post pics, rp, and be an active member in the fandom. I don’t forget fandoms or fall out of them as easily as others. :)


Anonymous asked: Damn how do you write so quickly? Tell me your deepest secrets dear!

I wish I had deep dark secrets! XD

I’ve been writing for years. The more you work hard at something the better you get at it. I have a very active imagination that helps out a lot too. :)

New RusPrus One-Shot!

Title: Cry of the Loon

Rating: M

Summary: RusPrus Nomadic Fantasy AU oneshot. Ivan’s starving tribe happens upon a beautiful paradise set upon a large lake where the loon is a bird worshipped by the people there. When he sets his eyes on the Spirit Herder Gilbert, Ivan is instantly attracted to the albino priest. After taking over Gilbert’s land, will the two come to love each other? Or will the tribes fall apart?

Click the link to read the fic! Thanks for reading!


Fanfiction News

My plan for this weekend is to finish Warprize. My second plan is to post both Iron and Lace and Warprize on my account. Neither story has a beta, but I did my best to edit them since I wrote them, so I’m just going to go with the flow. 

Game of Thrones starts on Sunday! Can I get a ‘whoop-whoop!’? 

Chapter 18 of Utopia posted!

Follow the link to read the chapter! Thanks for reading!

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