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I wrote like a maniac tonight!

Take THAT, life!


drawing-with-water asked: To be honest, I wish you could make a book, I would sure as hell buy/read it! I think you are a truly great writer, and I'm glad I stumbled upon you! I'm like a huge fan ( if you couldn't already tell) of your works!

I’m actually going to start writing original works very soon to hopefully be published. Got a lot of work to do!

I’m so glad you enjoy my work. This is one of the reasons that I write! I like making people happy! So thanks again!

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Weekend is near! I get some nice little break time!

I think I got my idea for a germancest one-shot! Will ponder over it as I work on the Epilogue for ‘Utopia’. 

Final Chapter of ‘Utopia’ Posted! Epilogue Soon To Follow!

Follow the link to read the chapter! Thanks for reading!

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Final Chapter of Utopia is finished and off to be edited!

12,000+ words later and broken wrists I have finished the final chapter. There will be an epilogue following shortly but I need a day or two to rest my carpal, for its SCREAMING right now.

But it was all worth it!

I have 6,500+ words for this chapter and I am STILL not at the final battle! I have a feeling that this chapter is going to be a DOOZY before the epilogue! Super long.

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Shutting everything down today and just WRITING! I insist to myself that I finish the next chapter of Utopia this weekend!

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So the RusCan one-shot I was working on had to be swept under the rug because ANOTHER IDEA for the pairing popped in my head that would be better. I hate when that happens! 

Utopia will be started tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about writing this big final battle scene! I know everything that is going to happen but need to carefully write the right words to make it work. The epilogue shouldn’t be hard at all and will be a little shorter than the rest. My main plan, if all goes well, is to post both the last chapter and epilogue together. This all depends on if life doesn’t get in the way. I hate this time of year!

Germancest oneshot! The ideas are coming and going. I think it’s because I rp them so much that trying to find a good plot line is just non-existent. I will still keep my hopes high, though!

Final Chapter of Thunder Snow Posted!

Follow the link to read the chapter! Thanks for reading!

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  • Working on the final chapter of Thunder Snow. I hope to have it done by this weekend!
  • The RusCan Ficlet is coming along nicely!
  • The Germancest one-shot idea is RIGHT in the center of my forehead, like a bug trying to desperately escape outside through a closed window. I just need that ONE little spark from rubbing two sticks together to get that creative fire! This has been driving me crazy for weeks now!

Feliciano’s character in Utopia can be friends with Soma Cruz from Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow and Aria of Sorrow. They both collect souls from monsters and demons. In my defense, my spirit/soul catching is more in the form of ghosts and familiars, not orbs! Same concept. (I had to bust out the DS games again after I made the connection and is currently playing them!)

So here’s the 56 second opening of Dawn of Sorrow if you are bored on this fine Tuesday. Some monster fighting and soul collecting. (With the acceptation of Alucard, no one kicks Soma’s ass!)

Chapter 28 of Utopia Posted!

Follow the link to read the chapter! Thanks for reading!

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The next chapter of Utopia is finished and off to be edited!

Take THAT, cold and flu!

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Okay, so I have a few pet peeves with fanfiction stories ending in NOT even numbers if I can help it. SO, I’ve decided to change it up a bit. I want Utopia to reach 30 chapters instead of 29. SO, chapter 28 will be a little shorter, chapter 29 will be short as well but is the concluding chapter, and chapter 30 will be the epilogue. That way, I can get them written faster to make up for lost time AND it will look better too. ^^ So that’s my plan! 


It’s been a long week, but I’m finally getting healthy again! I will finish the second to last chapter of Utopia this weekend! There’s just so much to write with the final battle and all!

The next part of Thunder Snow should be ready shortly as well!