Chapter 28 of Utopia Posted!

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The next chapter of Utopia is finished and off to be edited!

Take THAT, cold and flu!

Fanfiction News

Okay, so I have a few pet peeves with fanfiction stories ending in NOT even numbers if I can help it. SO, I’ve decided to change it up a bit. I want Utopia to reach 30 chapters instead of 29. SO, chapter 28 will be a little shorter, chapter 29 will be short as well but is the concluding chapter, and chapter 30 will be the epilogue. That way, I can get them written faster to make up for lost time AND it will look better too. ^^ So that’s my plan! 


It’s been a long week, but I’m finally getting healthy again! I will finish the second to last chapter of Utopia this weekend! There’s just so much to write with the final battle and all!

The next part of Thunder Snow should be ready shortly as well!


I’m Curious


For people who read/have read several of my stories, what would you say I’m “known for” when it comes to plots, elements, themes, style, or anything else?

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Sick 2

This stupid cold is still lingering! I was all prepared to write today but my brain is mostly mush and I’m moving slower than molasses. I’m pretty much behind on EVERYTHING! Utopia, Thunder Snow, the RusCan ficlet, and the germancest one-shot. I’m SOOOOO behind! I’m trying to do something productive that is not laying on that blasted couch camped out in front of the television. I can probably recite at least 12 different commercials. I was able to catch up on MLP Season 4, though.

I’m just a blob right now.

Excerpt from Chapter 28 of Utopia


Got the flu. 


Glad this week is FINALLY over! I’m just going to lay down face first tonight and not do a single thing! 

Start refreshed and new tomorrow! ^^ My RusCan one-shot moving in to a two part (#$^&@!!!) is moving along nicely, though! 

Things you should know about each of your characters


These are what I would consider to be the most basic, bare-bones questions of character creation.

  • What would completely break your character?
  • What was the best thing in your character’s life?
  • What was the worst thing in your character’s life?
  • What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with your character?
  • Does your character work so that they can support their hobbies or use their hobbies as a way of filling up the time they aren’t working?
  • What is your character reluctant to tell people?
  • How does your character feel about sex?
  • How many friends does your character have?
  • How many friends does your character want?
  • What would your character make a scene in public about?
  • What would your character give their life for?
  • What are your character’s major flaws?
  • What does your character pretend or try to care about?
  • How does the image your character tries to project differ from the image they actually project?
  • What is your character afraid of?
  • What is something most people in your setting do that your character things is dumb?
  • Where would your character fall on a politeness/rudeness scale?

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Chapter 27 of ‘Utopia’ Posted!

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Anonymous asked: Erg I'm going camp out for 2 weeks and I can't use technology! I won't be able to read your wonderful stories D:

Don’t worry, they’re be here when you get back! Have fun! :) And thank you!

The next chapter of Utopia is finished and off to be edited!


I’m scaring myself with this next chapter of Utopia! Why must I write in things that ACTUALLY frighten me in real life? Why give myself the jitters for the sake of creating? Wait a minute, that IS why! Damn it all! And by the way, it has NOTHING to do with bugs/arachnids this time! 

With luck I’ll have the chapter finished by today! Booyah!